Lithuanian Fund for Nature has created and is responsible for two educational walking trails: educational walking trail “Ažuolas” situated in the region of Zarasai and educational walking trail of Žingiai forest in Asveja Regional Park, region of Vilnius. In cooperation with owners of these forests we strive to show how private forests of Lithuania should be managed and used. We are following such principles:

  • Research has to be done on where and what values can be found before taking up farming.
  • Priority of management and usage – preservation of nature and culture values as well as restoration of affected ones.
  • For every forestland – long-term management and usage aim
  • Clear-cutting is not practised. All cutting are done with preservation of continuous forest cover.
  • Cuttings are carried out by imitating natural disturbances typical to forests
  • No planting!
  • No drainage!
  • Eradication of non-native plant species in Lithuania

Educational walking trails – both for foresters and society

Information displayed in educational walking trails is for forest owners, yet it should be interesting to every nature-lover. We organise trainings for forest owners, students and schoolchildren.

You can visit the walking trails on your own or, if you come with a group of interested people, our specialists will explicitly tell you about works that are being carried out in forests and their impact to the ecosystem of the forest.

What can be seen when taking educational walking trails?

  • You will learn about private model forest managing in a protected area.
  • You will learn how to use timber so that as little impact as possible would be done to various kinds of organisms living in nature and their habitats.
  • You will notice such things that are usually overlooked when visiting a forest.
  • You will learn about natural values of forests and constant processes there.

Those who are planning to visit one of the educational walking trails should take care of footwear and clothing that is suitable for walking in forests.