Baltijos jūros lagūnų gamtinių buveinių kompleksų atkūrimas. LIFE05NAT/D/00152

Baltijos jūros lagūnų gamtinių buveinių kompleksų atkūrimas

Coastal Lagoon Habitat Complex with a mouth of Nemunas river (habitat 1130) and smaller affluents - is the typical lagoon habitat’s example. Reed in the East Corneal lagoon is passing to the coastal lagoon and to the bogs in the island of Rusne. Variety of birds migrant is staying in the coastal lagoon and brooding. There was detected few very rare Scolopacidae family and Calidris alpina species individs, also other protected species - Black-tailed Godwit, Corn Crake, and Gallinago media.

However most of valuable lagoons are disappearing and losing natural value. Most of meadows are untended, overgrown with reeds, Corneal lagoons are intensely eutrophicated. These meadows are not attractive for the bird’s hatching, especially for Ruffs hatching.