Baltijos jūros lagūnų gamtinių buveinių kompleksų atkūrimas. LIFE05NAT/D/00152

Baltijos jūros lagūnų gamtinių buveinių kompleksų atkūrimas
Geographical characteristic

The project site is “Nemunas delta” in the Rusne Island. Rusne Island has specific geographical conditions.This area is attractive not just for the birds, many people are interesting this unique nature.

Rusne is the biggest island in the Lithuania. The area takes about 5584 hectares, half of this territory is using for the agricultural. In 1991 lived 2200 inhabitants, about 660 were minor farmers witch used till 3 hectares and 60 farmer witch used more then 3 hectares. In the island area is one active agricultural company and cooperative of milk receiving.

Near Rusne island is located Uostadvaris village, where live about 33 families (102 inhabitants). In village there are few blocks of flats. In 2007 was mounted pumping device, witch is using for pumping of the water from flooded meadows.